Our Services

We develop custom websites using modern software development practices and carefully selected technologies. This means the website we develop are scalable, secure, solid, extensible and have clean code with full test coverage. We care about every line of code we write, from the server to the framework, we take care of every detail.

Web application development using SOLID design principles and best practices. We develop web applications using the same technologies and practices we use for websites. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL and use the following libraries and frameworks Laravel, Vue.js and jQuery. We use Git for version control and Composer for packages and on the front end we use NPM and lately we’ve been using webpack. For databases we use MySQL or MariaDB we’ve been using MariaDB more lately for its NOSQL features. We follow an AGILE methodology, the SOLID design principles and TDD. We use design patterns where We feel they will be beneficial but we believe in a strong focus on Object Oriented Analysis and Design. We run a Linux server on the current LTS version of Ubuntu with Nginx as the webserver. What does all this mean? It means your website or web application will run faster and smoother, be written with clean code, and will yield better results.

Code is our passion and we make sure that every line is the best it can be!