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Marketing Overview

Internet Marketing

So you’ve started a business, awesome! You have a website, great! Yet your website isn't getting as much traffic as you had hoped for. Don’t get discouraged. There are a lot of ways to boost traffic to your site, get more customers, and grow your business. Your next step is to do some internet marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
You won’t get noticed on the internet unless you use SEO tactics. SEO is a fast way to rank higher in search engines. SEO involves putting keywords and phrases related to your industry on your website. A great way to maximize the amount of terms on your site is to start a blog. Posting blog articles on a regular basis gives you that opportunity to maximize the amount of keywords on your site.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Another way for marketing yourself and your business on the web is through paid search listings. If done right, SEM will pay for itself. A good place to start is with Google AdWords. Ever notice the ads on the side and at the top of your search result page? Companies bid against one another to be the first one that appears when you enter a term that relates to them. The more time people click on your ad, the more times it will be the featured on Google. SEM goes along with SEO. The more popular keywords you include in your ad, the more likely your ad will appear.

Create a daily, weekly, or monthly newsletter where people can opt in to your email list. Make it easy to subscribe and send a welcome email out right away so your customer can confirm that they did indeed opt into your email. Design your newsletter to fit your brand and make it scannable. Think about why people come to you for business and draft an email around the consumer's mentality.

Social Media
There are so many social networks out there that you are bound to see some traffic from those sites. Start a page for your business on the social media site that is most relevant to your industry. You do have the option to buy ads on certain social media sites. But, with engaging posts and articles you can market yourself for free. By using social media and these other internet marketing strategies, you are sure to see a boost in traffic in no time.