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Website Options Comparison

I'm sure you have seen a dozen commercials about building your own website and how quick and easy it is. While these options are perfect for some people they often are severely lacking for others. First not everyone wants to work on computer and spend the time to lear a proprietary system on how to build a website. Second that website is only good inside of that proprietary system which means you can not take your website any where else. You are also limited to the functionality that system has so if one day your website needs to do something not covered by a DIY option then you won't be able to do it. Third and most important these websites often spit out auto generated code that the search engines don't know how to rank. Which means they often are never picked up in the search results.

Another option is going with a professional website designer or website developer. This option is usually best for professionals that are busy running their business and require a professional website with the ability to grow. As professionals we know what to expect and how to work with the search engines. We know that one day you may need a custom order fulfillment system that integrates with your website through an API. So we set up your website from the beginning to be able to handle these situations when the need arises.

Website Builders

Great for simple brochure style sites that won't require any additional functionality beyond standard plugins. Also the person must enjoy working on a computer and have the time to create the site. This usually takes a lot longer than most people anticipate.

Professional Website Development

Great for professionals that want to leverage the power of other professionals to ensure that their website is successful and does everything that it needs to. From anything to small sites or huge corporate sites a professional website developer can deliver a superior product.