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Software Benefits

The Benefits of custom software for Your Business

Deciding between existing software and turning to bespoke or custom software is not an easy decision. But custom software can do far more for your business than turnkey solutions. When you work with a developer, software is tailored to exactly meet your needs. Instead of having to change your workflow to suit pre-made software, custom programs are designed to fit snugly inside your current processes. Integrating custom software is much easier in the long run.

Furthermore, custom software is maintainable indefinitely, as long as you need it, since your business will own the code and be able to expand it as your company grows. With an off the shelf solution, you may not get updates or years or at all if the developer goes under. By controlling the entire software package, your business can easily adapt with changing times. Do not take the risk of being at the whim of a third party for critical business software. The maintenance also extends into supporting the software. While the new software is developed and released, your company will have a direct working relationship with the developers. Try doing that at Microsoft. With a more personal touch, the software will not only serve your company’s needs but will be better supported. Who better to support something than the same person who built it? Avoid waiting in a call center queue and work directly with the developers.

Other cost savings comes from not having to pay excessive and repetitive licensing fees. Everything these days is subscription based, and an upfront fee is something you can pay once and forget about with custom software. And the more your company uses custom software, the more you save in licensing fees! Scalability is key for any growing business. If your business usage of a given application quadruples, so do your license fees.

While cost and convenience are important, you should also consider your company’s security. Popular software is often the target of malicious groups seeking to steal information. Custom applications are more secure through obscurity. A hacker will not be familiar with your custom software, since it is not publicly available. This makes it very hard to breech in comparison to wildly used software.

If your business needs new software solutions, always consider custom software. Prevent headaches down the road by getting the right solution made properly instead of a half measure you have to scrap later. Look into custom software today!