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Database Development Process

Our Database Development Process

We start by talking with you to get a good idea on what you are needing from your database. We then move into the design phase and ask you additional questions about business processes, functionality and growth. After that we begin to work on your database.

While we work on your database we will send you development versions to review so you can see the progress of how the database is developing. You will also be given the chance to do reviews or ask us to make adjustments. Once we are completed with this stage and you have signed off on it we will begin the testing phase.

We will test your database to make sure that it is running as expected. AFter that we will deploy the database to its final location and setup backups and fail overs.


For smaller jobs we usually do not require a contract but for any decent size project we do require a contract to be signed before any work is done. The contract protects both parties interested ensuring you get what you pay for and that we deliver the work we promise.


We require a deposit payment up front. This payment must be cleared before any work begins. If the project is large enough to have milestones than there will be additional payments required at those milestones. Final payment is due before anywork is turned over to you.