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Application Benefits

The Benefits of Having an App for Your Business

Many businesses today are looking for innovate ways to gain and keep clients, as industries become globalized via the internet and competition gets tougher. One of the most important things a business can do to stay connected in today's world of abundant Internet access is to have a mobile application. This is becoming, arguably, even more important than having a Website in many circumstances. A mobile app designed for Apple's iOS, or Android devices, can allow customers to find your products, access your services, and even discover your company through app marketplaces and mobile search platforms.

Broadening Your Audience
Having a mobile application allows you to reach more people than a website alone. Most people have smartphones now, and certain market demographics use smartphones and tablets exclusively to search and use the Web. Without an app, you won't be able to reach these users and convert your content into sales. If you're lacking a mobile app, while your competitors have one, you are doubly hurting in this area. Many users search for business names or product descriptions through Apple's App Store or the Google Play marketplace before they ever go to a traditional search engine. The only way to appear in this results is to have an app listed in at least one of the two databases.

Connecting With and Retaining Current Clients
In any industry, lost clients are hard to make up for. Raise your customer retention statistics by making it as convenient as possible to work with your company. Many users prefer to pay their bills through apps now, so making your app available will be of great benefit to them and you as well. Having a mobile application can also cut down your employee's time spent answering common questions or dealing with tasks that can otherwise be delegated to automation or customer self-service.

Increase Follow Up Sales
Sometimes customers of your business will make a purchase and never visit your company again. These on-the-fencers may not have an explicit need to use your company again, or may have been making a one-time purchase. Giving them incentive to make that purchase through an app, such as a discount for first time app users, allows your the perfect opportunity to make follow up sales with them in the future. Your app being on their device serves as a reminder of your products. You can also utilize this strategy to send the user push notifications to their device, offering to repeat their last order, either a single time or on schedule, for their convince. This is a popular marketing strategy among retailers and even fast food companies.

In short, an app will allow you to expand your client base and better connect to existing clients. It's becoming increasingly difficult to defend being app-less in today's business environment, as most customers look for the convenience of shopping and connecting through their mobile devices. Get ahead of your competition by obtaining a mobile application today, and you will see the benefits in every area from sales to customer retention.