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Development Consulting

Benefits of Development Consulting

Development consulting has many benefits for a company most importantly savings and productivity. Hiring senior level software engineers is extremely expensive and you may not require a full time senior position. The experience of a senior level engineer can bring huge productivity gains to a company.

Having access to a senior level engineer without having to staff and pay the benefits for them is a huge savings to most business. Junior level developers can benefit greatly from the experience whether its knowing when to use a design pattern, refactor or just avoiding a pitfall. Also well designed systems last longer and are much easier to maintain which results in huge savings for a business.

We can make sure system is well designed so that your team isn't wasting hours fixing bugs or creating bugs when creating new features because of tightly coupled code. Good architecture, design principles and patterns allow a team to focus on developing new features without the fear of breaking changes or repeating code.

Sometimes overlooked but hugely important is happiness. Happy workers perform better and are excited to do their job. One of the main reasons people are unhappy at their jobs is a lack of a clear direction. We can outline what technologies you should use and how to implement them along with providing a blue print for your employees and assistance when they meet challenges or get stuck.

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